Olga Diego exhibits her work “Jardín Automómata” with over a hundred inflatable sculptures


Olga Diego: Jardin Automata

By Centre del Carme

The exhibition by the artist from Alicante, inspired by the “Jardin de las Delicias” of El Bosco, can be visited until October 28 at the Center del Carme in Valencia.

“Jardín Autómata” shows a giant installation formed by a hundred of inflatable-electronic sculptures inspired by the beautiful, extravagant and suggestive characters of the fleming artist.

The characters: humanoids of all genres, simple and mestizos quadrupeds, hybrid beings, women with large antenna-breasts, head-balloon animals, the mutant giraffe, eggs and fish with legs, and a long etc., make up a forest of different figures suspended in the space of the room.

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