‘World Paella Day’


World Paella Day 2019

By worldpaelladay.org

This celebration will take place on Friday, September 20, in which the Valencian dish will once again be the protagonist.

The aim of this exciting initiative is to both make paella known internationally as one of dishes that define Spanish cuisine and the Mediterranean diet and to consolidate Valencia as an international gastronomic destination.

This is the second year this event is celebrated and to mark the occasion there is a very complete programme of activities, such as live cooking, paella tasting and paella contests, organised not only in Valencia but also in various cities around the world such as Londres, Milán, Rotterdam, París, Moscú, Tokio, Zurich, Quito and Lisboa.

In the town hall square of the city of Valencia top chefs from Valencia, Alicante and Castellón will prove their prowess showcooking and prepare fifteen different paellas. There will also be entertainment for all with culinary tasting, live music and various audiovisual animations.



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