Exhibition “Apollo 11. The arrival of man on the Moon” (Valencia)


Exposición Apolo 11 (Valencia)

By caixaforum.org

The exhibition. which recalls one of humanity’s most impressive achievements, the arrival of Apollo 11 on the Moon, can be visited until June 11 at CaixaForum in Valencia.

The exhibition has a large number of interactive and multimedia elements, which help to better understand the dimensions of space travel. Likewise, you can watch videos that show what life is like in space, from how astronauts slept to how they brushed their teeth or hair. It will also be possible to learn more about the astronauts who starred in the Apollo 11 mission or the experiments that were carried out during their feat.

Among the pieces that can be seen highlighted are the life-size reproduction of the control section of the lunar module and the claustrophobic command center; a replica of the on-board computer that made the feat possible despite having less processing power than an old Nokia; the food used in space travel, as well as different real objects and hygiene and essential products.


  • From Monday to Sunday: from 10:00 to 20:00.



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