Free guided tours of Valencia’s Albufera


Tours through the Albufera de Valencia Natural Park will take place on Sundays in October and November.

The aim is to raise awareness of how the park’s rice production is intimately linked to the local ecosystem using the flora, fauna and architectural heritage of the marshland as the guiding thread.

With these outdoor activities visitors can enjoy the park, its landscape and the traditions that surround it. There are three modalities:

  • Walking tours to see the flora (on October 18 and November 22).
  • Bird-watching boat trips (on 25 October and 29 November).
  • Cycle routes around the architectural heritage of the lake (4 October and 8 November).

All group visits are limited to 20 people and must be booked in advance. In addition for the bike routes participants must bring their own bikes.

More information and booking


October 18
09:00 — 11:30

Parque Natural de La Albufera (Valencia)

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