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Wine Tourism at “Bodega Pago de Tharsys” (Requena)


Bodega Pago de Tharsys


Visit this winery, pioneer in the inclusion of Utiel-Requena as part of the D.O. Cava and located in the Valencian town of Requena.

“Pago de Tharsys” is built on the site of an old winery dating back to 1808 and still preserves the original underground galleries and thick walls, which are currently used for the ageing and maturing of some of its wines.

The winery produces its Valencian wines and cavas under the precepts of tradition and ecology in order to guarantee the quality of the grapes and environmental balance. They distinguish themselves by harvesting the grapes at night, in order to take advantage of the lower temperatures and preserve the quality of the fruit.

Among their wine tourism experiences you can find different types of visits (exclusive, premium and technical), tastings, the night harvest activity (at the beginning of September) and the “night among the vineyards” experience, in which in addition to visiting the winery you can enjoy a night’s accommodation in their rural hotel.

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