“Semana de la cuchara 2020” (hot dish days) in Oliva


Semana de la cuchara Oliva 2020

By @gastroliva

From 26 October to 1 November, Oliva celebrates special gastronomic days.

This is a tribute to Oliva’s traditional cuisine, with typical autumn dishes such as stews (potajes, pucheros and cocidos), rice dishes (caldosos), lentils, beans or different cold soups (gazpachos). Ten local restaurants participate in this first edition offering special menus using local produce for EUR 18. Be sure to book in advance to reserve your place!

More information and booking

List of participating bars and restaurants

  • Aura
  • The Pelut
  • La Font Salada
  • The Golf Club
  • Ca Dubi
  • Paco Soqueta
  • Manbys
  • Les Dos Llunes
  • The Lloc
  • M’Encanta
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