Duo Dalí: «3 Sonatas a Salieri de Beethoven»


The Dúo Dalí is made up of the performers Aida Velert (piano) and Fernando Pascual (violin)

The Dúo Dalí was formed at the end of 2012. Each of them has an extensive career as a solo performer or as a member of other chamber music groups.


In January 1799, a Beethoven not so young, and certainly already famous among the Viennese aristocracy, published three sonatas per il Clavicembalo or Forte-Piano with a Violino, that is, for piano with an apparently supplementary part for the violin.

Indeed, with these three sonatas Beethoven begins a journey that will culminate only five years later with the sonata Kreutzer and that prepares the birth of the romantic sonata.

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18 ноября
20:30 — 22:30

València — Matisse Club

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