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Guided tours of Buñol Castle


Castillo de Buñol

By turismolahoya.buñ

Discover this medieval fortress, one of the most unique and best preserved in the Valencian Community, located in the centre of the Valencian town of Buñol.

The castle of Buñol has its origins in the Muslim period, in the 11th-12th century, and was remodelled in the 14th century after the Christian conquest. Today it is one of the few castles that remains inhabited.

You can visit it free of charge any day of the year, although it is recommended to take one of the guided tours organised every month.

The guided tours are led by a specialist in local history and archaeology. They last two hours, cost €8 and include, in addition to the guide, entrance to the museums (the Archaeological Museum and the Ethnographic Museum) and the ascent to the towers.

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