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El Dossel (Cullera)


El Dossel

The dunes of the Dossel are a redoubt where nature has still won the game of urban development in an always unequal battle whose winner too often knows in advance… Its inclusion in the Natural Park of Albufera, the jewel in the crown of the natural spaces of the province of Valencia, has allowed, to a certain extent, to maintain and sustain the beauty and natural value of the imposing dunes that besides surprising the visitor, maintain a daring horticulture saving with ingenious plant barriers varied and productive crops .

The long beaches of fine white sand are a small paradise where, without the usual comforts, you can enjoy a long day at the beach, finding space for lovers of nudist practice and also a corner for every hobby: kite surfing, sea kayaking, swimming and the always relaxing, infallible for our senses, reading at the edge of the sea on a sunny morning or the mere contemplation of beauty…

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