The Circus of Terrors: ‘Apocalipsis’


The fourth show of the Circus of Terrors, ‘Apocalispsis’ is in Valencia until 4 November, when it starts it’s tour around different Spanish cities before going on an international tour.

‘Apocalipsis’ is a mixture of a great rock musical and a theatre production with tons of smart adult humour rolled together as one at one of the world’s best contemporary circus.

The Circus of Terrors has reinvented the circus, making innovation, creativity and fun the pillars of its success, offering shows never seen before, with a plot that links one performance with the next.

With this show spectators are taken to a ‘collapsed’ world where wars, droughts, diseases, environmental chaos and fights between races have left a devastated planet with almost no resources to survive.

Don’t miss one of the most acclaimed shows of recent times.


October 25
20:30 — 22:30

Carpa de la Playa de la Malvarrosa (Valencia)

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