Sabrina Francis & F.L.O.M.


Four artists from very different back grounds brought together by one common interest, they call it Acoustic Soul from the West Indies

‘The Love of Music’ was their first project together once they met in 2014, they’ve had some slight modifications since then, but has kept that same slow soothing light sound. Needless to say they’re among the minority in a country that thrives on soca & reggae music. Despite this small set back, they’ve been very well received by locals and foreigners alike, because everyone can use some good soulful music at the end of a hard day.


  • Sabrina Francis: vocals
  • Dieter Burkhalter: keys
  • Alesia Aird: guitar
  • Keane Jules: drums

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October 26
23:00 — 01:00

València – Matisse Club

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