Russ Van den Berg: Trip Bop


Una mezcla contemporánea de jazz moderno fusionado con heavy rock e influencia pop, composiciones originales por el aclamado internacionalmente y repetidamente galardonado saxofonista británico, Russ van den Berg.

A contemporary blend of modern Jazz fused with heavy Rock and Pop influences, performing original compositions by multi-award winning and internationally acclaimed British saxophonist Russ van den Berg.

The group also pays tribute to the influence of Miles Davis’ 80’s period including personal arrangements of pop tunes. This is mostly a groove based electronic group and a first for Valencia, directed by Russ with an aggressive London/New York approach to the music in energy and intensity.

This group specifically has a multi-international blend from England / Colombia / USA / Ireland / Spain, bringing all cultures together to fuse each voice into the one genre of Jazz-Rock fusion.

A powerhouse band of virtuosity displayed by each member at the highest professional level.

November 10
23:00 — 01:00

València – Matisse Club

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