Nunatak: ‘El tiempo de los valientes’


Nunatak presents his third edited work ‘Nunatak y el tiempo de los valientes’, in a live full of energy with masterful choirs, which shows the evolution of the band in a sincere and risky way in sound and development, introducing percussive layers, powerful choruses, more direct lyrics, synths and electronics, in a journey through forests and stars, lights and shadows, fear and courage

Nunatak’s third instalment is an exercise in value, a game of balance between the acoustic, the avant-garde and different musical decades.

Adrián Gutiérrez, Alex Dumdaca, Fernando Besada, Gonzalo Ruiz, Pedro Hernández and José Manuel Lucas finish drawing here the complete circle of a band impossible to label: unique, expansive, energetic, direct, coral. They are the outstanding mountain peak in a field of ice that contagious us with humanist songs, full of musical and cinematographic influences, of one of the most necessary qualities in the present time, the bravery. “It is the time of all the brave”.


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November 23
23:30 — 01:30

Valencia – Sala Loco Club

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