Novelda Craft Fair


The ‘Craft Fair’ will be held at the ‘Glorieta de Novelda’ from 9 to 11 November.

The ‘Craft Fair’ brings togethers a wide selection of artisans, who will both show visitors how they work and sell their products including a whole range of ceramics, recycled wood furniture, leather bags and folders, jewellery and costume jewellery, hand-woven shawls, patchwork, beeswax candles, engraved glass and fun figures made of acorns or papier maché. A great range of authentic craftsmanship.

Children will be entertained with various workshops, a play area including board games and, on Saturday and Sunday, a carousel.

Eight local restaurants (La Villa, Bodega Heretat de Cesilia, Casa L’Art, Levante, La Mola, Cucuch, Ristorante Italiano and Clandestino Gastrobar) will participate in the Gastronomic Days of Grape and Saffron with grape-based menus that day.


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November 11
11:00 — 14:00

La Glorieta (Novelda)

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