Los Cafres: ‘Sigo caminando’


Los Cafres visit Spain for the first time with their tour ‘Sigo Caminando’

Los Cafres were formed in 1987 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They are pioneers in the Spanish reggae roots scene.

Their first album was released in 1994 under the name of ‘Frecuencia cafre’, which marked a success in the history of Argentine music by becoming the first conceived by a local band entirely in the line of reggae roots. It was also the first reggae album to be recorded in Spanish, which has been recorded worldwide.

At the end of 1995 they presented their second album called ‘Instinto’, which in fact was considered by the magazine Rolling Stone as the best album in the history of Argentine reggae.

Later came the works ‘Suena La Alarma’ (1997), ‘Espejitos’ (2000), ‘Vivo a lo Cafre’ (2003), ‘¿Quién Da Más?’ (2004), ‘Luna Park’ (2006), ‘Barrilete’ (2007), ‘Hombre Simple’ (2007), ‘Classic Lover Covers’ (2009), ‘El Paso Gigante’ (2011) and ’25 Años de Música’ (2013). They have also participated in several compilations including ‘Tributo a Bob Marley’, ‘Vos Sabés Como Te Esperaba’, ‘Tributo A Los Fabulosos Cadillacs’ and ‘Hemp! Reggae Tribute to The Beatles Vol. II.’

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October 27
21:00 — 23:00

València – Peter Rock Club

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