Lili del Sol in Valencia


Lili del Sol is a Colombian artist with a special interest in cultural and social roots, and the exuberant nature that unites Latin American countries

Her music is a sample of the stories, sounds and rhythms of Latin America that together with her voice and a special instrumental format that always accompanies her, takes us on a journey through these lands. With contemporary arrangements and a fusion of rhythms, she manages to highlight the brotherhood that exists among Latin American countries, giving way to new and fresh sounds from these regions.

Harp, Colombian drums, four Colombian-Venezuelan drums and other instruments are part of his musical proposal that give us a mixture of flavors of the roots of his land and other Latin American countries, all told from his point of view with a very special sensitivity with which he manages to transmit the passion he has towards his country.

For this occasion he will have as special guest Lawey Segura , a renowned Colombian Pacific musician who will take us into the sonority of these magical lands of jungle and rain.

September 14
23:00 — 01:00

València – Matisse Club

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