Cine bajo la luna: “La la land”

The Festival de Cine de Alicante has launched a new initiative that under the title ‘Cine bajo la luna’, includes a proposal linking culture and gastronomy outdoors.

This new film series includes a closed menu in addition to the outdoor screenings at a price of 29 euros. Also, you can attend the screening and only buy a drink for 9 euros. Dinner will begin at 21:15 pm and screening of the film at 22:30.

Cine bajo la luna: La la land

The first screening will be on Friday July 20 with the film ‘La la land’, a musical that was a hit at the box office, starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. it tells the story of Mia, a waitress in Hollywood who aspires to be a Sebastian great actress and a jazz pianist with big ambitions unemployed despite their differences and their different personalities, thanks to a series of events will make your paths end up crossing.

It is recommended to book by phone 965 15 95 24 / 608 68 61 77.

July 20
21:15 — 00:30

Finca Casa Luna (Alicante)

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