Ana Maria Simón: “Actúa Normal”

En este, su segundo trabajo unipersonal, veremos a la Ana María actriz interpretando a una mujer que se convertirá a lo largo de la historia en todas las mujeres del mundo y nos daremos cuenta cómo logra sobrevivir a situaciones por las que pasa el género femenino y cuando se trata de temas complicados, ya a estas alturas sabe que la mejor manera de ser feliz y no morir en el intento es hablarse a sí misma y decir: “Mí misma: ríete más, hazte la loca… y actúa normal”.

Ana María Simón returns to the scene with her characteristic black humor with this play written by Indira Páez and directed by Leonardo van Schermbeek, where she was in charge of turning into an intelligent comedy the drama that sometimes implies being a woman

Her new theatrical monologue “Actúa Normal”, which has just premiered in the USA and has been taken to more than 10 cities in order to start her European tour, is a story of reinvention, exile, separations, children, courts, travels, new projects, successes, mistakes, disloyalty, infidelities, love and humor, a lot of humor.

In this, her second solo work, we will see the actress Ana Maria playing a woman who will become throughout history in all the women of the world and we will realize how she manages to survive situations that the female gender goes through and when it comes to complicated issues, and at this point knows that the best way to be happy and not die in the attempt is to speak to itself and say: “I myself: laugh more, make yourself crazy … and act normal”.

Ana Maria Simón: Actúa normal

September 22
21:00 — 22:00

València – Sala Carolina

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