Alejandro Escovedo in Valencia


The title of “best artist of the 90’s” given to Alejandro Escovedo by the magazine ‘No Depression’, a seminal in the last few lustrums when we talk about rock with American roots and its surroundings, helps us understand who we are in front of

Member of a family saga, the Escovedo, which includes Pete (Santana percussionist), Sheila E (Prince’s drummer), Mario (member of the hard rock group The Dragons) and Javier (of the punk-rock group The Zeros), Alejandro wears a musical discourse with more than thirty years of career that, as the musician and historian Lenny Kaye points out, walks through the desperations and celebrations of life with an emotional depth that transcends borders and genres.

October 14
20:30 — 22:30

València – Loco Club

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