Alboraya is synonymous with millenary orchard, domain of crops, but also, care and love put at the service of crops: up to four a year, fruit of the mild weather, the fertility of their land and the millennial respect for natural cycles.

The town is the stronghold of the farming of tiger nut, a small tuber brought by the Arabs with which the horchata is made: white gold from the orchards that fascinates some and always surprises due to its peculiar flavor, distinct from everything and, in addition, very healthy .

Its unique landscape, the result of centuries of harmonious coexistence and wise transformation, has been threatened in recent times and is a fundamental and extremely productive natural resource, on the outskirts of a large city like Valencia.

In its coastal section we find what looks like a fishing village: Port-Saplaya, a residential complex of apartments that surround an intricate marina where hundreds of boats rest. An ideal place for lovers of sailing and water sports where the dream of many has come true: leave a house on the edge of the dock and get on board a boat to sail the Mediterranean.

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